Community Coaches Programme

Founded in 2016, the Eat Better South Africa Community Coach Programme harnesses the collective impact of our dedicated team and passionate community members. Through nutrition education programs led by our community-based health coaches, we empower local communities to make positive changes and improve their health.


Our community-based health coaches are:

  • passionate individuals who are self-confident community builders with a deep enthusiasm for nutrition and health.
  • grassroots innovators who seek sustainable nutritional solutions tailored to the local situation, community interests, and values.
  • committed to taking practical action and being part of the solution.


How our programme works:

Local community members of all ages and genders are invited to join our 6-week Program, where they learn about healthy food choices and the impact of excessive consumption of refined sugars and unhealthy fats on chronic diseases.


Our 6-week programme includes:

  • Weekly meetings where participants connect, share experiences and support one another.
  • Health assessments to monitor progress, including blood pressure, blood glucose, and weight measurements.
  • Nutrition education sessions and presentations to provide valuable insights and knowledge.
  • Budget meal planning and shopping assistance for making cost-effective choices.
  • Food diaries to track eating habits and promote accountability.
  • Guidebooks and resources to support participants on their journey.
  • Cooking demonstrations for practical skills in preparing healthy meals.
  • Focus on sugar awareness and food addiction, empowering participants through education.


Every week, groups meet at a central location within their community to engage in these activities. We consistently observe improvements in weight, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and energy levels among our participants. Many have successfully reduced their reliance on blood pressure and cholesterol medication, leading to significant savings on household expenses related to food and medication.


We appreciate your help:

Support us by sponsoring a Community Coach and be a part of this inspiring community committed to improving health and well-being. Together, we can achieve lasting positive changes for individuals and communities alike.


Together we empower communities to eat better so they can live better.